Day 2

Today was Dustin Milligan’s first scene. We filmed at a quiet bus stop in North Vancouver. Poor Dustin had to wear a tight vest with Chinese characters that we picked up at the Salvation Army. We finally found out that the vest was for something to do with the Coast Guard. It made no sense with his gangsta character but it worked on a “failed  poser” level. We spent more on his other outfits but for a few of them we just had to make do. Dustin wanted to adlib the lines but I liked the lines I wrote, so we compromised. I said to do the lines as written and then do and say whatever you want after. Wow!! He took full advantage of that freedom, often coming up with something that had us bursting into laughter. I ruined a few takes because I couldn’t stop laughing; oh well they made for hilarious outtakes.

Next was off to English Bay to film the dog scene starring Coco the dog. Mersad’s friend brought her dog to be in the movie. Mersad searched the entire city trying to find a doggy outfit to match CJ’s Brooklyn outfit we already had. It matched almost perfectly. We were lucky and had an amazing day for shooting … the leaves were in perfect autumn color. Mersad and Louis Kim had their first scenes in the movie and I did my first scene. First of all I’m no actor; I was so busy organizing and directing I didn’t memorize any lines. We had a volunteer P/A named Inca join us that day and she wrote out my lines on poster paper so I could read off it behind the camera…. Let’s just say it was not a great start for my acting debut. The rest of my scenes I saved until the last few days of filming.

Day 3

Today it was Cory and Amber Borycki’s two scenes together. We found an independent coffee shop/book store on West Broadway and the owners were very supportive. It was perfect because we needed a bookstore and a coffee shop location. We shot the first part in the front and the second scene in the back of the store. Amber was great and brought shopping bags to the set because it said she was shopping in the script. We didn’t have anyone working in props and I forgot to bring them.  Thanks Amber. Cory Hilarity Monteith was joking around and dancing quite a bit today for the camera after the takes, because for today’s scene he gets the girl’s phone number.

Day 4

Today was the longest day ever for the crew and us. Mersad had a friend who was a chiropractor and he let us use his office from 9am to 1pm. We had to shoot so many scenes in those four hours. That part in the movie takes up almost fifteen minutes so filming all those scenes in that short of time is pretty nuts. One of the scenes was Cory making out with his hand. This is a lot to ask of an actor; to draw a girl on his hand and proceed to makeout with himself on camera. But Cory is an awesome guy and he seemed to have fun with it. For that scene it was just Cory and me in a room with two cameras… my first semi homoerotic experience, but not my last.

This day belonged to our beloved, crazy Dr. Ramsey, played by one of the most intriguing people I have ever met, Jim Ervin. Before filming I picked him up at his house and he told me he wrote a song for the movie, then proceeded to sing the song loud and proud as we drove. I had only met him for five minutes a month before that. The song didn’t have much to do with the movie but it made me laugh so much that I asked Jim to sing it for everyone when we arrived. He did and it was a hit. We filmed Jim singing his song and I then decided to use it as part of the end credits. I later made a documentary about Mr. Jim Ervin and it is titled “One Man Wolf Pack”.

This day was only half done though.  After the psychiatrist scene we had to film Mersad’s gym scene. We couldn’t afford to pay much for locations. We were given permission to film at the gym for free but we had to start at midnight. It was a 24hr gym so we went until 4am.  Our soundman, Chuk played the gym employee that kicks Adel out. It was a difficult scene to film especially because we were all so tired.  I was up for 25 hours straight that day, and I wasn’t even partying.