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Q&A with Writer/Director Brad Patterson

Q: What gave you the idea to write “Wannabe Macks”?

A: Originally, I was going to make a reality movie with a hidden camera where guys would wear a wireless mic and try to pick up girls. We tried it for a day, got some funny footage, but it wasn’t good enough, so I decided to write a mock reality-type movie based on that original premise.

Q: How did you get stars like Cory Monteith and Dustin Milligan to be in your independent movie?

A: They actually tagged along with another actor who had an audition time booked. They read and really stood out from the other actors going for the lead roles. This was before they were rich and famous so they agreed to work for food. They are both great in this movie and it’s easy to see why they have become so successful.

Q: Do you only make comedies?

A: Dramedies are definitely my favorite to watch and write. When you’re filming a funny movie with comedic actors everyone is laughing all the time and  it’s a blast. Recently I made a documentary about a quirky man in his sixties called “One Man Wolf Pack”. It isn’t a comedy, but it has some funny parts.

Q: As of right now “Wannabe Macks” can only be seen at Are you planning to release the movie on DVD or Blu-ray?

A: I like the idea that this is the only place you can see it (Wannabe Macks). We probably will release it on DVD and Blu-ray in the future but I haven’t thought much about that,  I’m more excited about instantly streaming online. That’s the future of home entertainment.

Q: What is Indie Movies On Demand (

A: IMOD is a PPV website for independent filmmakers and their fans. Filmmakers can have their movies available for pay per view to everyone in the world. They can quickly recoup their production costs and focus on making movies and marketing.

Q: Who is your top comedic influence?

A: Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld)  I’ve have watch everything he’s done over and over and I still laugh. He has written and created hundreds of episodes, yet he keeps getting funnier. Usually people hit a plateau after few years because they already used up all their good ideas, and then they spiral downward into crap.

Q: What would you say to someone about to watch “Wannabe Macks” for the first time?

A: Don’t expect a high production value, turns out that costs a lot of money! However what this movie lacks in budget, it makes up for in laughs. The majority of big budget Hollywood comedies aren’t funny, this is a multi-thousand dollar movie, that is.